Gift from the Heart 2016

In 1966, through the devoted efforts of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax and the Sisters of Charity, Saint Vincent’s Nursing Home was opened and the chapel was dedicated as a place of worship. Fifty years later, the strong foundation of faith established by these two organizations continues.
A Mass of Thanksgiving was held in October to recognize the 50th anniversary of the chapel dedication. Whether as a place of worship or quiet contemplation, the chapel is a special place for all faith traditions. A generous donation allowed for the installation of a stained glass decorative window which uses the dove, a universal symbol of love, peace and harmony and for some a representation of the divine presence among us. This beautiful piece captures the special feelings the chapel has brought to so many over our 50 years.
For the past two years support from our donors to the Gift from the Heart campaign has allowed for the purchase of specialized equipment.  Despite the warmth and comfort of the chapel, it is time to address the long-standing heating issue that prayer blankets and multiple layers of clothing do not fix. This year, we are turning to our donors to help fund a heat pump for the chapel to keep our residents comfortable all year round.  
We have a proud legacy of providing compassionate care that meets both the physical and spiritual needs of our residents. Please consider marking our 50th anniversary with a donation to our chapel. Click here for our donor card or contact Nancy at 902-429-0550 ext. 112 to make a donation.
With thanks and best wishes for a safe and joyous Christmas season;
Angela Berrette
Executive Director