Life at Saint Vincent’s

This handbook is provided to all new residents and their next of kin upon admission. It outlines life at Saint Vincent’s including the services and activities we are proud to offer. If you are unable to find an answer to a question, please be sure to contact us.


The majority of our rooms are semi-private accommodation (two beds and a shared washroom). With a limited number of private rooms, we allocate based on the care needs of the resident and then personal preference. Options can be discussed upon admission. Whether private or shared, each room includes a bed, dresser, side table with a locked drawer, chair, and closet or armoire. Personal furniture such as a chair/recliner may be accommodated depending on space restrictions. All items must be pre-approved before being brought in.

Familiar items like a favourite quilt or special picture may help a new resident feel at home. Rooms may be decorated with personal items such as pictures, mementos, and plants. Electrical items such as a lamp, television or radio must be inspected by a member of our maintenance department to ensure it is CSA approved.

Meal Service

Meal time in a long term care facility is about more than just eating. Food is a connection to our past, and the smells and sounds of mealtime are just as important as taste. At Saint Vincent’s, we prepare meals on-site and dining occurs on the units served directly from a hot cart. Snacks and beverages are available at any time throughout the day either on the unit or from our central kitchen. There is always a second choice menu item to accommodate individual preferences which you will learn upon arrival. Meals rotate on a four-week cycle following either a winter or summer menu plan. We are currently using our winter menu cycle which can be viewed here. Refer to any unit recreation calendar for the current week within the four-week cycle.


Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Continuing Care Workers/Personal Care Workers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are five floors each lead by a clinical RN who oversees the care of each resident on their unit. Individualized care plans are created for each resident based on direction and input from the resident and family members. Building relationships to ensure we are providing the services and care needed and wanted by those we serve is a priority.

Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy

We have a full-time Physiotherapist (PT) who can provide assessment, treatment, and exercise classes to help residents maintain their function. We also have a full-time Occupational Therapist (OT) who provides detailed assessments for wheelchair prescriptions and other adaptive equipment including specialized surfaces. We are fortunate to now have two full-time Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistants (PTA/OTA) who play a vital role in the PT/OT department and meeting our residents’ functional mobility needs.


We provide a variety of leisure activities for our residents. Aside from the regularly scheduled leisure programs, the department also offers special events such as weekly musical entertainment, outings, BBQ’s and much more.

Social Services

Our Resident Services Manager may be your first point of contact upon admission. She is available to assist with issues such as the transition to a long term care facility for residents and their families, requirements for acquiring special needs or applying to the specialized equipment/over cost program. The Resident Services Manager acts as a liaison between residents, government or private agencies.

Pastoral Care

Saint Vincent’s Nursing Home welcomes residents of all religions and beliefs. Pastoral care services, spiritual support, and counseling are provided by our Chaplain as well as community clergy and/or representative, and a dedicated group of individuals trained in Palliative Care.

Clergy of all faith traditions are encouraged to hold services in the chapel. Below are the regular worship services.

Mass is held every Wednesday at 10:00 AM and a Communion Service on alternate Sundays at 10:00 AM. Please call ahead to verify schedule.

Anglican Church Services, Holy Communion Service, Third Thursday of each month. Service time is 1:30 PM.

Baptist Church Services. Contact for dates.

Ecumenical Memorial Service held bi-annually. Contact for dates.

Presbyterian Church Services. Contact for dates.

United Church Services are held the second Thursday of each month. Service time is 1:30 PM

During inclement weather, services may be rescheduled or cancelled. Please contact us to ensure the service is on as scheduled.

Clinical Dietary Services

A Clinical Dietitian is on staff to oversee residents’ nutritional needs. Specialized diets and various textures are available as necessary.

Physician Services

Saint Vincent’s participates in Care by Design. This program provides the services of a physician per unit. The physician attends Saint Vincent’s and collaborates with the care team weekly to meet the resident’s medical treatment needs. They are also available for consultation as needed. An on-call system of Care by Design physicians ensures 24 hour, 7 day a week coverage.

Extended Care Paramedic (ECP)

Residents at Saint Vincent’s have access to enhanced on-site health care from highly trained paramedics which may avoid unnecessary trips and long waits in the emergency room. In consultation with the nursing home physician and the care team, the ECP can deliver some of the same care provided in the emergency department at the resident’s bedside in the home (e.g. intravenous fluid, suturing, assessment after a fall, pain management, etc.). This service would only be contacted in non-emergency situations. A resident requiring emergency medical treatment would be transported to the emergency room immediately.

Email a Resident

Use our Email a Resident service to send a message to your loved one. Your message will be printed and delivered to the resident.

Educational Services

Our Quality & Risk Coordinator is responsible for staff training and development. Various programs of interest are also available to our residents.

Residents’ Council

The Residents’ Council meets monthly and is chaired by a member of the recreation team. The Council discusses recreation programming and is updated by various departments on projects and activities in the home. It provides an opportunity for residents to discuss problems or concerns that they wish to raise. Please contact Amy Parker, Recreation Therapist for more details.

Resident and Family Centred Care (RFCC)

Saint Vincent’s is dedicated to providing Resident and Family Centred Care (RFCC). Residents and families are partners in care and are seen as the experts in their/their loved one’s care. The RFCC group meets monthly and is an avenue for residents, family, and staff to have input into the major decisions and initiatives within the facility.