Saint Vincent’s Veritas Podcasts

Saint Vincent’s Veritas: The Low-down on Long-Term Care, is an on-going series of podcasts on the challenges associated with entering long-term care.

Episode 1:

What were the surprises you as a family member encountered preparing to enter long-term care? What needed to be done? What went right? What didn’t? Hear about the transition for both a mother and daughter who have recently gone through the experience.

Episode 2:

Entering long-term care can be a real mystery. What’s the difference between private and public facilities? How much does it cost? What should you look for in a facility? And how do you even start the process to get in? We interview an expert with all the answers.

Episode 3:

Moving out of the home you’ve loved for decades is very difficult to say the least. In this episode we talk to Shirley Blayney on how to do it with the least turmoil and even fit in some time for self-care.